Salvation for Solarti

Dean man walking

After meeting with Desmond Frizzle it was agreed the we should travel back to Ivan as soon as possible. After inquiring about air ships and finding none we inquired about regular ships but none would be available until tomorrow. Deciding speed was too important we went to a magic shop to ask for a teleportation spell. The owner showed no respect for the heroes who brought magic back into the land and tried to gouge us. Eventually, it was agreed she would teleport us back for the price of a book from the library.
Unfortunately, we promised never to return again and the lich/librarian was pretty clear that if we did he would kill us. Fearing the Lich, we sent Desmond by himself with my familiar. Desmond entered and after the door was shut we realized he cannot see in the dark and would have to be guided by a scorpion. (At this point we had an intermission to “prove” this could be done by having mike navigate Josh’s Kitchen with his eyes closed) Eventually Desmond would grab some books, be caught by the lich and have us open the door to fight for with him.
During the battle, a banshee killed me. As I died I returned to real world and found myself lying on the ground in rubble with smoke all around. I was only there for maybe a minute, until I was brought back to the dream world by a resurrection spell. Several hours had passed in this world. This means that time is indeed different in this dream world, and that one second here is not one second there. Based upon my estimate of how long I have was in the world and how long my part claims I am dead, I estimate that only 10 days time has passed in the real world in the 10 years we have been in this dream. I hope that if we do wake up I can take this awesome book from the library with me.
Finding a wizard we teleported to Ivan estate. With Ivan symbol we were able to enter his Estate. Ivan was not there, so we decided to cast a spell to try to find Raven. He moved a lot and eventually we found him in the same room that Ivan was in. Could Ivan be Revan? I guess we will find out.



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