Salvation for Solarti

[2-11] Attack of the Metal Wagon

We decided that the best course of action was not to meet up with Revan, but instead keep the mayhem that always follows us around away from Revan instead. Before we started off on our way north to Amsterdock to see my sister, we looted Sergast’s estate.

It would be five days travel on foot north to Heisenberg, where we would try to find a ship to sail north to Selford. In the first town north, we found a stables and bought 4 aurochs and a plain wagon. Our first day of travel was uneventful, and we guessed at this rate the trip to Heisenberg would only be 3.5 days.

The second day we found a huge metal wagon was following us. It gained on us like the great metal ship that had sunk us before. It attacked, and out poured Deviatos, the Half Dragon Monk, two knights and 18 mercenaries.

Deviatos was able to talk his way out of his situation with the sons, no doubt because Jaroll queered our deal.

When the mercenaries and knights were dispatched a stoney volcano-like dragon appeared on the wagon, along with the Lich. As the battle raged on, an arrow meant for the enemy missed and found its way right through Jaroll’s heart instead. Deviatos downed Fizzleruff, and the monk blinked out when the dragon commanded everyone back aboard the wagon to continue on their way to their mission.

Now we are left with two wounded in our team, one mortally and one gravely. Given how bad my shot was, there may be some in the group that believe the shot was on target and purposeful. If that is indeed the case, I may have little choice but to actually help resurrect the annoying monk to prove that was not the case and keep our team together…



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