Salvation for Solarti

[2-10] Revan's Return

We spoke with Ivan and tried to convince him that he was Revan and this was but a dream world. He asked if he could cast a stronger version of Detect Thoughts to read our minds and get an idea of the visions we had been seeing. After he did so and began to search around he collapsed.

Still breathing but unconscious, we tended to him. A few minutes later he awoke as Revan. He said he’ll need to study for potentially two weeks time to try to figure out how to break out of this spell. We will teleport himself to his secret cave on the west coast of Baycastle. Only Leitin was given the location and code word to enter.

We headed west to secure a ship to sail to Baycastle to meet up with Revan. As we moved along the coast looking for a ship, we noticed another of the huge metal ships seemingly following us and docking to our north. As we attempted to avoid it and continue north we came upon two guards, a bugbear and an orc. Everyone hid but Jaroll, who spoke to the guards about the peace of the ancients. They gave him a note which was from Dreki, saying she wished to parlay with us. Deciding to at least hear what she had to say, we went to the ship.

Aboard the ship we met Dreki, a woman in bronze dragon scale armor, a blue dragon Edstone (son of Teslarack), and the half dragon monk we had encountered before. Her offer was that in exchange for our loyalty and location of the spellbook, she would give us whatever we wanted. She also mentioned that we stuck out via our auras, and were thus easier to track.

I turned over the information that Deviatos had the book, in exchange for my sister’s safety, ruling Selford, a treasure trove of drugs and a meeting with my succubus benefactor. She said in two days time she would deliver the succubus and gave me the Emosion embassy. Leitin decided that the estate of the wizard Sergast would be a better place to wait the two days, so we were given a ship and made our way there.

Sergast was pro-Theosian expansion and thus an anti-lizardman former slave owner. Leitin was allowed to enter and barted two days of reading his library and allowing us to stay outside his home in exchange for 1000gp!

When two days passed, Dreki arrived knocking on our door. She thanked me, delivered the succubus and said that they were now in possession of the book Deviatos had, noting that they already had the most important page that had been torn out. Schnizz asked that they kill Sergast while they were there because of his past as a slave owner. They happily obliged.

As I spoke to the succubus, I learned that my father is an Incubus and she was his “wife”. Though she has not seen him in a great time, he is likely alive. That I remind her of him is why she had taken interest in me.

At this point we were rudely interrupted by Leitin shooting a fireball at Jaroll for once again being disrespectful to Dreki. As Dreki changed form to a red dragon, Fizzleruff attacked her. The succubus said to me we were not ready to fight her and teleported away. Dreki then flew away, saying the deal was off and that my sister would be slain.

This latest instance of Jaroll’s inability to keep his mouth shut or actually back up his words with actions was the last straw. As I exited the cottage to dispatch him, my comrades attempted to hold me back. Finally a bomb from Fizzleruff and his yelling that none of this was real diffused the situation.

With this we decided that perhaps it was best that we not go forward to meet up with Revan for fear of drawing the sons closer to him. We will still need to find a way to contact him to let him know the change of plan, however.



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