Salvation for Solarti

[11] Its raining Men

Entering Crackeel we discovered the only ship in this pathetic town big enough to take us across the ocean was not expected back for two days. I decided to use this time to create scrolls of invisibility and bombs. The bombs would be made with strong alcohol augmented by fizzle’s alchemy. Fizzle showed the same can do spirit that he uses for his loyalty to Revan and did little more than stick a rag in one end and call it a bomb. On a side note, I now believe Fizzle suspects me of planning a foul plot as when I asked him to make the bombs he asked me is this for one of your foul plots.
On the second night I heard a commotion from outside. While my companions ran outside, I cast fly and speed away to investigate. There I meet two Rakshasa, who quickly ambushed me and knocked me unconscious. When Athean was finally able to revive me the battle was not going good. My comrades could not damage the Rakshasa. Turning invisible I hasted, my companion, but by then Desmond was already down. Flying over to Desmond, I used one of my scrolls to cast invisibility on him yelled for everyone to run. Snizz escaped despite tripping over the invisible Desmond. Athean was too slow and was corned by the Rakshasa. The cornered Athean groveled and professed his loyalty to the Rakshasa until I was able to sneak up and turn him invisible. Luckily, the teachings of SarenRae teach that any promises made 10 seconds before you go invisible do not count and therefore Athean was able to renege on the promises he made to the Rakshasa. Later while the good cleric and honorable Fizzle ran, the evil member of the party would yet again risk his life by but trapping the Rakshasa in a sea of black tentacles buying time for dozens of citizens to escape.
The next day we boarded the ship and Snizz learned of the location of T’Creel . This information was relayed to Revan and master secured another stone. The rest of the trip was uneventful.
At the temple Athean found the rune while I waited outside. Once the Rune was secured, I told Master Revan, and he told us to try to destroy the temple. At this point I proved to be weak and pathetic as the plan failed miserable. The bombs proved useless, the scroll I prepared for Desmond could not be used by Desmond and ultimately the quest to destroy the thing Athean cherishes most was aborted before it even started. I truly am so weak and pathetic I wonder why Master allows me to be his servant.
The next day Revan, arrived and ‘requested’ the runes. Desmond gave his but Athean broke into a tedious negations. Seeing master’s impatience and remembering my recent failure, I pulled out the detonator and threated to kill him if he didn’t hand over the rune immediately. He continued his tedious speech and after receiving a nod from Revan I detonated the bombs, blowing off Athean’s left Arm and removing Desmond’s stomach.
At this point, I picked up the rune and handed it to Master while Fizzle threw a bomb. I suggested a better use of his time was to bandage the cleric but fizzle insisted that bombs were the best medicine. One spell from Master had Fizzle running and without bombs we were able to bandage to save the cleric, and ranger. Master also must have felt guilty for them because he cast a spell that allowed them to move, without injuring themselves.

Now that all the runes were gathered the good scion decided it was time to show up. Thanks for the helping good scion fell you are both lazy and stupid.



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