Salvation for Solarti

[2-12] Requiem for a Douche

We decided that it was probably best for business to try to resurrect Jarroll. With a temple 5 hours east, we set off. We made it to the temple of Quisan, seemingly a single floor structure, but were escorted down a secret door to a basement area. There we saw a statue of the great circle of 5 elements. Jarroll was able to be brought back, but was somewhat disoriented and unable to answer Leitin’s questions as to how long he was “gone”. We traded gems for some healing potions as the temple began to be disassembled upon word that the Emosians were coming.

A days travel northeast got us to a port city, Pinkton. There we were able to secure passage aboard the Sierra Nevada to Selford, with the ships captain Tanalier Corvan, a known pirate and smuggler. Aboard the ship we met Nevr Wagh and elarned that Rohaz had casted a spell of death-like sleep upon us, knowing that if he did kill us, other archtypes would take our places. The Sons are not supposed to kill us, otherwise we would not be alive in the real world. The aura of those not under the spell is not as colorful, more muted like a shadow.

We then noted the various Sons and how most all suffer from hubris, with Drakee most susceptible. Kreelat Zmaj the minotaur is the one to watch out for. Deviatos is like us, sent here as a warden. Thrakon is the skeletal necromancer. Arach Omir is the half dragon sorcerer elf. Keikona is the half dragon monk and Ta’neen is the half dragon fire giant.

We created a distraction aboard the ship and jumped overboard, where Nevr teleported us to Selford. We landed in the port side of Amsterdock. I saw the usual stores and pubs were starting to be boarded up, with more armored people on the streets. We got to my estate, the top two floors of one of the larger buildings in Amsterdock. My sister hadn’t been there for three days, having left to go to a bar on the cheap side of town. While I was able to enjoy some company that evening, the next morning was quickly ruined as Deviatos barged into my loft…



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