Salvation for Solarti

[11] T.N.T.

Once in the fishing village of Crackeel, we tried procuring a ship to take us to Galaden. Most of the vessels in the docks were simple fishing ships, not up to the task. The dockmaster suggested we speak to Dosat, who should be back ashore in two days. The only other option was a town to the north that nobody ever visits.

To the south of the village we encountered two Rakshasa who immediately attacked us. None of our attacks seemed to do anything more than piss them off, so we were forced to employ a bunch of invisibility tricks to retreat. We hightailed back to the village to retrieve all of our stuff and escaped just as the Rakshasa’s entered the village, using suggestion and blasting lizardmen in the face with magic missiles.

We camped out east and made our way back to the village the next day when Dosat was expected back. We met him, a lizardman dressed as a royal and wearing boots. Even in his unusual garb, he started playing the role of dumb savage lizardman until I indicated he could drop the act. His fee was quite reasonable given the leverage he had over us and the speed with which he promised he would get us to Galaden.

Schnizz inquired about T’creel and Dosat said he knew him and that he had last seen him a short time ago in Selford, face down drunk. Leitin relayed this information to Revan who said he’d send a group to retrieve that rune.

We made it to Galaden aboard the J-walker in two days time in the city of Amar in Galaden. From there we hired a carriage to take us to the town of Callod, Athean’s hometown. We made our way to the temple of Saranrae, and everyone there seemed to know Athean well. Leitin stayed outside, unsure if his presence at the temple would be a hinderance. Athean spoke in his standard drawn out nonsense and eventually we made our way below the temple, to the armory, where we found his rune. When Athean touched that rune, it gave off a blinding light.

I attempted to sneak away with the rune as he prattled on to everyone else, but was narrowly spotted. It was then determined that Schnizz should hold on to the rune. The priests of the temple said that they needed to pray for a day on all the new information we bestowed upon them, so we decided to set up camp outside.

Leitin gave me a scroll (which I believe was invisibility) and then summoned a lemure. The plan was for me to go off and track the demon, then slip away from the group, use the scroll, and plant the “bombs” he had procured in Crackeel. No part of this plan succeeded as the group chose to all track the lemure, I was unable to use the scroll, and his “bombs” were nothing more than rags and alcohol.

The next morning I awoke to a man in a mask standing outside our camp. It was revealed to be Revan. He produced a bag and instructed us to give him the two runes. After I handed mine over, Revan waited for the other. Schnizz gave the rune back to Athean, saying it was not his to turn over. With the rune in Athean’s hand, the blinding light prevented me from snatching it from him. After another warning, Athean still refused. Leitin held the device controlling the bombs implanted in Athean and myself by Adrath as the final warning. Athean still refused, resigning to his fate. Revan nodded and Athean detonated our bombs, blowing off Atheans left arm and my stomach. I crumpled to the ground.

What happened next was a blur to me. It sounded like Fizzleruff made a last ditch effort in vain to stop Revan from getting Athean’s rune, as bombs started going off. When that quieted down, Revan then acknowledged the contributions made by Leitin and Schnizz.

At that point, Revan must have put his final designs in motion. I felt the eight powers of the runes flash by me, darkness, light, fire, cold, earth, wind, water and beast. Then, total blackness…



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