Bag of Holding


What is his name? His name is not for our lips.

Bag of Holding Party Items

Scroll of invisibility Party (150 Gold)X2
Scroll of Magic Missle (X2) 25 Gold Each
10 bottles of hard alcohol.

Symbols of Rohaz (2)

Personal Items of Leitin.
One Ancient Spell “book of Harms” (Level 5 Evoker) (From Lava room) (Leitins)
Wax and bad stamp with needed supplies emosions forgery. (Leitin)

Party Funds in Bag
Gold 1250 gold
Party one diamond 700

Gold Kept for People in Bag
Athena 0 gold
Leitin 3000 gold
Alchemist 600
Josh 700
Dissealeaour – 700

Letins as a former Liberian loves books as he picks up books he is adding them to the bag of holding here is a list of current books he owns.

Books from the dwarven translator. (4)

1) Book “Fungus for Dinner, an amateur guide to edible fungal flora.”
2) Book “Dwarven to Common translations.
3) Book “I can speak Dwarven”
4) Book “Dwarven stone architecture”

Books From Lava Room (12)
1) Book of Emoson history Reign of Tagard the third. (Dwaven)
2) Book of Flowers, a complete list of flowers native Emoson Flowers. (Common)
3) Book of Emoson military Tactics (Common)
4) Book of Uniform Code of Emoson Military Justice, Book of all military laws and regulations (common)
5) Book of Knot tying (Orc)
6) Book of Emoson history Reign of Tagard the Second (Dwarven)
7) Book of Emoson history Reign of Tagard the First (Dwarven)
8) Book of Ship Building and Design in Emoson army (Draconic) 100 years old (only old ships in it)
9) Book of Constructing Siege Engines (Elven) 300 Years Old, old Designs)
10)Book of the Heraldry of Thoesis, 80 Years old (has old families but not new ones)(Common)
11) Book of Animal Husbandry (Elven)
12) Book of the Gods (draconic)Includes a story of Revan.


This is a quick Log of all the items, which are kept in Leitin’s bag of holding.
As a general rule, any item that is in this log is not a secret, and :eitin will freely share the inventory that is in the bag with the party. Any item on this should be common knowledge to all characters, and although they may not know what is in the bag immediately, after a battle, during the evening or the party downtown this knowledge will be communicated to all members.

Any Item with the word Party next to it are items that we have not divided almost the party. In addition an item with an unknown next to it means, we have not yet identified the item. For example “Wand of Shocking Grasp 1d6 Charges Party/Unknown” means it is party item and that our group has not identified what it does. As our party rests and we have time to indentify the items the unknown will be removed, and the loot will be divided.
1) Wand of Shocking Grasp 1d6 34 Charges Party/Unknown.

Bag of Holding

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