Salvation for Solarti

[2-12] Requiem for a Douche

We decided that it was probably best for business to try to resurrect Jarroll. With a temple 5 hours east, we set off. We made it to the temple of Quisan, seemingly a single floor structure, but were escorted down a secret door to a basement area. There we saw a statue of the great circle of 5 elements. Jarroll was able to be brought back, but was somewhat disoriented and unable to answer Leitin’s questions as to how long he was “gone”. We traded gems for some healing potions as the temple began to be disassembled upon word that the Emosians were coming.

A days travel northeast got us to a port city, Pinkton. There we were able to secure passage aboard the Sierra Nevada to Selford, with the ships captain Tanalier Corvan, a known pirate and smuggler. Aboard the ship we met Nevr Wagh and elarned that Rohaz had casted a spell of death-like sleep upon us, knowing that if he did kill us, other archtypes would take our places. The Sons are not supposed to kill us, otherwise we would not be alive in the real world. The aura of those not under the spell is not as colorful, more muted like a shadow.

We then noted the various Sons and how most all suffer from hubris, with Drakee most susceptible. Kreelat Zmaj the minotaur is the one to watch out for. Deviatos is like us, sent here as a warden. Thrakon is the skeletal necromancer. Arach Omir is the half dragon sorcerer elf. Keikona is the half dragon monk and Ta’neen is the half dragon fire giant.

We created a distraction aboard the ship and jumped overboard, where Nevr teleported us to Selford. We landed in the port side of Amsterdock. I saw the usual stores and pubs were starting to be boarded up, with more armored people on the streets. We got to my estate, the top two floors of one of the larger buildings in Amsterdock. My sister hadn’t been there for three days, having left to go to a bar on the cheap side of town. While I was able to enjoy some company that evening, the next morning was quickly ruined as Deviatos barged into my loft…

[2-11] Attack of the Metal Wagon

We decided that the best course of action was not to meet up with Revan, but instead keep the mayhem that always follows us around away from Revan instead. Before we started off on our way north to Amsterdock to see my sister, we looted Sergast’s estate.

It would be five days travel on foot north to Heisenberg, where we would try to find a ship to sail north to Selford. In the first town north, we found a stables and bought 4 aurochs and a plain wagon. Our first day of travel was uneventful, and we guessed at this rate the trip to Heisenberg would only be 3.5 days.

The second day we found a huge metal wagon was following us. It gained on us like the great metal ship that had sunk us before. It attacked, and out poured Deviatos, the Half Dragon Monk, two knights and 18 mercenaries.

Deviatos was able to talk his way out of his situation with the sons, no doubt because Jaroll queered our deal.

When the mercenaries and knights were dispatched a stoney volcano-like dragon appeared on the wagon, along with the Lich. As the battle raged on, an arrow meant for the enemy missed and found its way right through Jaroll’s heart instead. Deviatos downed Fizzleruff, and the monk blinked out when the dragon commanded everyone back aboard the wagon to continue on their way to their mission.

Now we are left with two wounded in our team, one mortally and one gravely. Given how bad my shot was, there may be some in the group that believe the shot was on target and purposeful. If that is indeed the case, I may have little choice but to actually help resurrect the annoying monk to prove that was not the case and keep our team together…

[2-10] Revan's Return

We spoke with Ivan and tried to convince him that he was Revan and this was but a dream world. He asked if he could cast a stronger version of Detect Thoughts to read our minds and get an idea of the visions we had been seeing. After he did so and began to search around he collapsed.

Still breathing but unconscious, we tended to him. A few minutes later he awoke as Revan. He said he’ll need to study for potentially two weeks time to try to figure out how to break out of this spell. We will teleport himself to his secret cave on the west coast of Baycastle. Only Leitin was given the location and code word to enter.

We headed west to secure a ship to sail to Baycastle to meet up with Revan. As we moved along the coast looking for a ship, we noticed another of the huge metal ships seemingly following us and docking to our north. As we attempted to avoid it and continue north we came upon two guards, a bugbear and an orc. Everyone hid but Jaroll, who spoke to the guards about the peace of the ancients. They gave him a note which was from Dreki, saying she wished to parlay with us. Deciding to at least hear what she had to say, we went to the ship.

Aboard the ship we met Dreki, a woman in bronze dragon scale armor, a blue dragon Edstone (son of Teslarack), and the half dragon monk we had encountered before. Her offer was that in exchange for our loyalty and location of the spellbook, she would give us whatever we wanted. She also mentioned that we stuck out via our auras, and were thus easier to track.

I turned over the information that Deviatos had the book, in exchange for my sister’s safety, ruling Selford, a treasure trove of drugs and a meeting with my succubus benefactor. She said in two days time she would deliver the succubus and gave me the Emosion embassy. Leitin decided that the estate of the wizard Sergast would be a better place to wait the two days, so we were given a ship and made our way there.

Sergast was pro-Theosian expansion and thus an anti-lizardman former slave owner. Leitin was allowed to enter and barted two days of reading his library and allowing us to stay outside his home in exchange for 1000gp!

When two days passed, Dreki arrived knocking on our door. She thanked me, delivered the succubus and said that they were now in possession of the book Deviatos had, noting that they already had the most important page that had been torn out. Schnizz asked that they kill Sergast while they were there because of his past as a slave owner. They happily obliged.

As I spoke to the succubus, I learned that my father is an Incubus and she was his “wife”. Though she has not seen him in a great time, he is likely alive. That I remind her of him is why she had taken interest in me.

At this point we were rudely interrupted by Leitin shooting a fireball at Jaroll for once again being disrespectful to Dreki. As Dreki changed form to a red dragon, Fizzleruff attacked her. The succubus said to me we were not ready to fight her and teleported away. Dreki then flew away, saying the deal was off and that my sister would be slain.

This latest instance of Jaroll’s inability to keep his mouth shut or actually back up his words with actions was the last straw. As I exited the cottage to dispatch him, my comrades attempted to hold me back. Finally a bomb from Fizzleruff and his yelling that none of this was real diffused the situation.

With this we decided that perhaps it was best that we not go forward to meet up with Revan for fear of drawing the sons closer to him. We will still need to find a way to contact him to let him know the change of plan, however.

Dean man walking

After meeting with Desmond Frizzle it was agreed the we should travel back to Ivan as soon as possible. After inquiring about air ships and finding none we inquired about regular ships but none would be available until tomorrow. Deciding speed was too important we went to a magic shop to ask for a teleportation spell. The owner showed no respect for the heroes who brought magic back into the land and tried to gouge us. Eventually, it was agreed she would teleport us back for the price of a book from the library.
Unfortunately, we promised never to return again and the lich/librarian was pretty clear that if we did he would kill us. Fearing the Lich, we sent Desmond by himself with my familiar. Desmond entered and after the door was shut we realized he cannot see in the dark and would have to be guided by a scorpion. (At this point we had an intermission to “prove” this could be done by having mike navigate Josh’s Kitchen with his eyes closed) Eventually Desmond would grab some books, be caught by the lich and have us open the door to fight for with him.
During the battle, a banshee killed me. As I died I returned to real world and found myself lying on the ground in rubble with smoke all around. I was only there for maybe a minute, until I was brought back to the dream world by a resurrection spell. Several hours had passed in this world. This means that time is indeed different in this dream world, and that one second here is not one second there. Based upon my estimate of how long I have was in the world and how long my part claims I am dead, I estimate that only 10 days time has passed in the real world in the 10 years we have been in this dream. I hope that if we do wake up I can take this awesome book from the library with me.
Finding a wizard we teleported to Ivan estate. With Ivan symbol we were able to enter his Estate. Ivan was not there, so we decided to cast a spell to try to find Raven. He moved a lot and eventually we found him in the same room that Ivan was in. Could Ivan be Revan? I guess we will find out.

[2-09] If You're Rich with Books, You'll Never Be Poor

We decided that we needed to get to Theosis as fast as possible. The librarian indicated that the last of the flying ships had left and no sea-fearing ships were expected at the docks until the morning.

We then went to a magic shop and spoke to Freedon, a powerful magic user. She indicated that she could help us out if we happened to come across any more old books. With a day to kill we devised a great plan to buff me with various magic spells, including greater invisibility, telepathy, and a sentient scorpion. We neglected to take into account that there was no light, and as I hadn’t prepared my darkvision spell, I was forced to take step by step directions from the scorpion…

Even under such diress, I was able to abscond with an ancient arcane spellbook, two old history books and a scroll from the First Age. As I approached the opened door to exit, the former head librarian took issue with the rest of our party returning to his “kingdom” and attacked. We were able to kill the Librarian (a Lich), a Banshee, some zombies and skeletons. However Leitin was killed by the scream of the Banshee.

With the battle over, we were ushered out by powerful wizards; Leitin’s body packed away in his bag of holding. We returned to Freedon and sold her the scroll and two history books for enough to cover Leitin’s resurrection with some left over. We kept the arcane spellbook that we had promised Freedon, assuming it to be more valuable than a teleport spell and wanting Leitin to be brought back before we went to Theosis.

On the way to the temple of Saren Rae, we met the freelance wizard Dresden, who wanted to sell us a phantom chariot. With only a few hours walk ahead of us, we declined his offer and continued to the temple. There we were able to resurrect Leitin. Leitin confirmed our suspicion of the book’s value and we all agreed to keep the book and hire a teleport spell from someone other than Freedon.

With our money paid, Dresden teleported us to Theosis, near Ivan’s estate. We arrived to see a battle in progress between the Emosians and everyone else. We first went to Ivan’s estate but were informed that he had left in the morning. Leitin then cast a spell to find the location of Revan. With the spell indicating that he was to the north, we set off to find him. At one point he seemed to pass us. I went into the sewer and followed a figure south until the trail disappeared. Where it disappeared was a wall, containing a hidden keypad. Unable to figure out the code, we went back into Ivan’s estate. Leitin’s spell indicated that Revan was in the house, then we were greeted by a returned Ivan…

Can now only “bank” the equivalent of 1 large gem per adventure.
Small gems can be used to add one to a roll to bump.
Large gems can be used for large favors.

Battle of Words
I had a dream

The two monks the Inquisitor and I all managed to grab a hold of a few pieces of wood and fashion a crude raft. Frizzle, Desmond and Athenian could not be easily found on the choppy waters. However as I suspected two of them as traitors and I wished the third to be dead I was little concerned and did not bother to search.
After Swimming ashore in our make shift raft, I summoned a cabin for us to provide a nice place to sleep and volunteered to take first watch. After my comrades were firmly asleep, I decided the cabin provided enough protection and promptly slept myself.
We were rudely awoken in the middle of the night by a man pounding on the cabin door demanding entry. He asked for the proper paper work and as I have a knack for finding “official” documents on my person I was able to provided him with an authentic form showing we had the right to be there. This good fellow either could not read, or had a grudge against magically appearing cabins and remained very unhappy with said cabin. Eventually, it was agreed that we would wait to morning then come out. The next morning we were surrounded, by wizards so I decided to buff my allies by casting Mage armor on them. Then I told the stupider monk that the peace of the ancients was outside so he ran out to check it. Apparently, the wizards had set up some sort of anti magic, so the Mage armor caused the monk terrible pain and he collapsed. After this we found out about the anti magic shield we agreed to come out peacefully.
After the Captain realized that we were heroes he seemed less annoyed, and agreed to take us to Galladen. We flew over there on a flying ship. The ship was powered by hot air, although how that is possible I cannot even guess, and no one was willing to tell me.
Once there we asked to see the Library. We told the Captain that we were there to research information crucial to Revan and that this information was key to winning the war. He seemed skeptical but agreed to let us search the library. After talking this over with a helpful librarian, we discovered that the information was in the part of the library controlled by the undead. Venturing into this area we fought several Zombies and a few skeletons, until Tybanicus/Deviatos Appeared with the lich Jaxson, who was the former librarian and a member of the Son’s of Rohaz.
Fearing greatly, for the damage a fight of this magnitude would cause to the books. I decided to engage them in a more appropriate library battle a fierce battle of words. When the battle of words was finally over, the son of Rohaz was dead killed by Deviatos and Deviatos had agreed to help us if we shared with him the information he was guarding. Apparently, he fears his alliance with the sons might soon end and was more eager to find the piece of knowledge he was guarding, then to actually guard that information. With Jaxson’s help we found the book easily. The book contained information on a spell that was powerful enough to trap people in a dream like state very similar to one we might be trapped in. This spell was originally created by a powerful wizard who is and will always be my one true lord and master, Revan. The last page of the book the part that would tell us how to break the spell was ripped out. Deviatos, seemed confused on why the sons were guarding this information so to throw him off, I told him that Revan himself was caught in this dream world, because I thought it would be unsafe to tell a powerful enemy that he was most likely a figment of my imagination.
I do hope this world is a dream because on our way out of the library I traded a book worth $100,000 that I liberated from the library for a restoration spell for our monk worth 1000. I might hate the monk more than I hate dead cleric. The second book I took I managed to hide from everyone. From this book I was able to learn two new and powerful spells.
(Note this didn’t happen but as I leveled I figured learning these spells from a old book in an ancient library is cooler than just you got a level here is two spells)
Heading out, we meet up with the captain who offered to take use to Ivan. We declined as we wanted check out the temple where we first met the “Good Scion”.
On our way to the temple we all had the vision, just like everyone else’s vision Nevr Waugh came and told us we must wake up. Desmond suspect Ivan of being Revan I doubt it and believe it is more likely Deviatos. However, I feel it is best to head back to Ivan, who is near Gregios. If we stay close to the resistance and Gregios then surely Deviatos will show up to kill Gregios eventually.
On a final note to this Log, I can now conclude the Fizzleruff is not a evil genius playing us for a fool and most likely Desmond is not a traitor. I now feel slightly guilty that I left them in the ocean to die. My Guilt however does not extend to the cleric.

Frizzle the Traitor?
Desmond also?

Coming out of the study, I learned that in the time it took to read a book we had joined the emosion force and were headed to Foxmore. After discussing several plans each one more complex and illogical then the last Fizzle came up with the perfect plan. Let’s just leave as we have the fastest ship.
Taking the wheel we headed away only to be chased by 3 ships. I was able to disable two ships with a well placed fireball but the third one kept coming. For the third one we came up with a complex plan, where I would fly over there with frizzle and have him drop bombs. Once he dropped enough bombs, to disable the ship, I could dimensional door us back to the ships. Amazingly the plan worked.
Brian Daniels came up and asked what was going on and seemed annoyed that hijacked his ship again. For thirty minutes we fought about the plan, until the three “Noble” members of our party claimed they had a vision. In this vision Nevr Waugh told each of them that we never defeated Rohaz and that this world was but a dream and we must wake up. To do this we must find Raven. Desmond listened intently and decided, he had to do more drugs.
Now I am faced with two possible explanations for this. The most likely is that Desmond and Frizzle decided they did not want any part of this war. Realizing they could never convince the “noble” members they decided to drug them with some sort of a hallucinogen or powerful alchemy. Is Frizzle really that talented a alchemist? How did he poison them all at once? How did they make them all see the same dream? What has Frizzle been up to in the last 10 years. Is he no longer a fool? I must watch Desmond and Fizzle closely, I might have underestimated them both, and they are playing us all.
The second scenario is less likely but must be considered. This scenario assumes that what those idiot said was true. If it is true then someone very powerful is trying to stop us. The prophecy said Athean and Desmond were needed as archetypes to find the stones. But clearly there must be more to our roles if someone would go through this much trouble to disable us after we found the stones. Did we really ever find the stones or was that a dream also?
It doesn’t matter. Both scenarios allow us the leave the war and look for Master Raven. I care not who takes over who, the rulers of kingdoms matters little to those who cherish knowledge above all else. To Galladen it is to search the libraries for information.
On our way to Gallanend after finding out the inquisitor order had been attacked, we came across a large metal boat. This boat moved without wind or oar and promptly rammed into us and sunk our ship. After that as everyone fought for their lives Frizzle disappeared.
As we escaped, Frizzle rejoined. His story was that he snuck into the boat even when they could clearly see invisibility people. Then he snuck past a dragon, and disabled the ship by attacking something that looked like the insides of a giant clock. This whole event seems even more unlikely then above, so I know must consider that Frizzle is the traitor. He somehow let the ship know where we were. Went aboard their ship to pass along some sort of inforamtion and then meet with the enemy then made up this ridiculous story. I must watch him, and now I feel I must watch desmond as well.

[2-07] Blue Flame Special

As we approached Foxmoor, the dwarf nation scattered ships to seemingly intercept the Imosions. We lowered the flag and took off west. Three ships followed us, four ships continued toward Foxmoor. Leitin sent 2 fireballs into the masts of two of the ships, rendering them immobile. Fizzleruff and Leitin then concocted a elaborate plan that involved flying, invisibility, bombs and teleporting. The plan went off without a hitch and the third ship was disabled.

With this, the three “dreamseers”, Athean (ablaze in a blue flame), Jaroll & Schnizz told us that they had been contacted by Nevr Wagh. He said that we are sleeping and need to wake up. The was is being lost as we sleep. We need to find Revan.

With the rest of the group partially convinced that we needed to find Revan, we agreed to part ways with Bruticus and Danielson. We were dropped off in Rampston and needed to secure passage to Galadin, the last place we saw Revan. The three days to Rampston were uneventful.

We reached Rampston at an asian port and hired a gaijen captain Ned Harrison and his ship, the Red Stag. We began the journey sooner rather than later when we heard word that the Sons were on the move and had struck against everything the group held dear. The only new bit of information we found was their sign, Rohaz in the everlasting circle. With his first mate Thrus the halforc onboard, we set out on the four day journey.

On the fourth day, we spotted a sparkling metal ship coming towards us. Seemingly too large to move as fast as it was it gained on us. We could see the Sons sign on it drawn in blood, smoke billowing out the back of the ship. The metal ship smashed into the Red Stag, completely destroying it. With some of the group overboard and some up in the sky we attempted to mount an offensive. Archers as well as monks appeared on deck, led by a red dragon monk who breathed fire.

Desmond was able to fall one of the monks. At this, the other monks tore the corpse apart in a barbarian display, perhaps to prevent him from being raised from the dead.

Fizzleruff infiltrated the ship below deck, doing damage to the engine and encountering a sleed dark dragon burning with embers within.

Completely overwhelmed, we retreated to the Stag’s wreckage to try to piece together a raft. Before long the metal ship started again, but thankfully continued on it journey away from us.

[2-06] Misdirection

Aboard Danielson’s ship we continued on our way to Theosis, with a second ship of dignitaries travelling alongside. Before long we saw a large number of Imosion ships behind us. Bruticus cam aboard our ship and said the dignitaries revised plan was for us to now go to Foxmoor and attempt to draw the Imosions with us, while the second ship went to Theosis. We played opossum, and feined trouble with our sails, while the other ship went its separate way. With seven ships following us, we “fixed” our sails and made haste.

Not long after, a parlay boat was sent from the Imosions. With Danielson sleeping, we allowed the parlay group to boat. Athean posed as Danielson, and we agreed to side with the Imosions and bring them to Foxmoor with us. Satisfied with the agreement, the Imosions returned to their ship, except for two who stayed with us to keep watch.

When the watch tried to show how to correctly torture the monk, we flew into action and dispatched them. When Bruticus and later Danielson heard what had happened, more conversations ensued. Bruticus beat up Danielson, convincing him to follow our plan. Danielson got super high and pummeled the annoying monk to unconsciousness. The rest of the group decided to head toward the beach of Foxmoor, then speed off as the Imosions approached.

Finally, Adrath’s communication stone went off, showing a natural rock cave in natural lighting.
We heard a gruff voice (Krillak) say “it was not my idea to bring you in”.
Deviatos responded responded “Krillak, He represents a large force granted by Baldavius”
A woman (Drakey, brothers) “Diplomacy’s time is over”
Deviatos is not a Son, but with them, wanting to profit.
Adrath: “Wise thing to join with them”
Minotaur: “Sons returned, killed women, flay men”
LizardMan: “Somebody’s using magic”

[2-04] Soldier Without a War

After looting the bodies, we took a closer look around the battle for clues. The one item we found was a bronze clasp on the capes in the shape of a broken skull, the same as the mask Tybanicus was wearing. Not long after the battle, Ivan arrived at the embassy to speak with Rire. We accompanied Rire and the group discussed the events. According to Rire, in addition to himself, Ivan, Christian and Kron, Bryant also knew of our plans, though nobody knew how.

We decided our course of action would be for Ivan to leave the island, giving the impression that he has ferried us away. Rire & Ivan would know that were actually staying, Christian and Kron would believe us to be gone (in secret). All others would assume we were still on the island under protection. I got a ceremonial key from Ivan and we planned to meet back at his estate on the second day of the festival.

We then took up rooms at the Shining Wizard. That night, Adrath appeared. We learned that Ky-Azeel and his kind did not want to go with Adrath when welcomed into his land. They are most concerned with returning to their masters on the other planes. Tybanicus’ “death” was a result of him killing himself with a fireball when surrounded and facing apprehension. Before leaving us for the night, Adrath gave me a gift from “the lady”, a vial of succubus essence. At least some use came of his visit.

In the morning during breakfast we noticed many town criers out in the streets calling for me. Initially wanting to keep our true location still a secret, I ignored the criers and we made our way to the stage area. When faced with a search to enter the grounds, we tried to turn around. This suspicious maneuver led to the guards giving chase. Once revealing who we were, everyone went back to the grounds. Knowing that word of our location was now no longer secret, I went to the council chambers to see what the criers were searching for me for.

There I found my old servant Alfred from my estate in Theosis. He had been beaten, burned, cut, bruised and mangled. My estate had been burned to the ground by the Sons. In particular, a minotaur who breathed flames. Alfred had only been “spared” to deliver this message with his dying breaths. While going to retrieve the dark grey ring from his corpse in rememberance, I found a parchment in his hand, with “Your Selford Next” written in red.

I retrieved my repaired bow from Fletcher and returned to the grounds. Our arrival backstage provoked notable surprise from Kron and Christian. Passing by Bryant, I saw him mouth “How” in his surprise. Speaking with Kron, he said that a Danielson aid had been nearby him, so that was how Bryant knew the plans. I let Danielson know that Selford was being threatened, his curses directed at me were less than appreciative.

Right as we stepped on stage to deliver our speech, a portal opened up in the crowd, with monsters coming our, including a minotaur. Kron hopped down off the stage and went back through the portal with the minotaur, saying “I’ve been a soldier without a war”. With that, the Emoson troops and portal demons began attacking the crowd. We battled back in the attack and were able to force the monsters who did not perish, to retreat. In the battle Augustus Tyr was stuck down, and Rire Grimclub died as well.


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